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Fish and Chips - Neil - 03-04-2022

I paid £11.30 for this last night from the new Simpsons place in Quedgeley. They have a great reputation. I honestly don't know why Sad

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RE: Fish and Chips - Andrew B - 03-04-2022

The Best place to go for Fish and Chips, is 'The Kingfisher' in Tewkesbury. Just off the High Street, as you go down towards the mill.
 I had Fish and Chips when I went to Boston, Massachusetts. They served it with coleslaw, which worked. The place we went to was called 'No Names' other people in the group had Lobster. Was not too keen on having that.

RE: Fish and Chips - Prorsum Semper - 06-04-2022

(03-04-2022, 05:24 PM)Neil Wrote:  I paid £11.30 for this last night from the new Simpsons place in Quedgeley. They have a great reputation. I honestly don't know why Sad

[Image: FPbjX0PXwAA0zjF?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]
The fish and chips wasn't probably the expensive bit, more than lightly the remote controls bumped up the total price.

RE: Fish and Chips - Mr.Magoo - 06-04-2022

They've a good reputation but it's a bit expensive. I popped in the Ch"%$^%$£&^m one sometime back. They had a board up saying todays potatoes are.... That seemed a bit over the top.
For me and the other half it's got to be Ruddy's in either Hucclecote or Longlevens. There's always a queue. 2 cod, 1 chips (enough for 2 easily} one mushy peas for my northern roots and a curry sauce 'cos she's a Brummie. Seved in a box so they stay crisp until you get home £16. Excellent and very consistant.
If you seriously want the best fish and chips ever, and are going away to Blyth Spartans, pop into The Harbourside at Seaton Sluice. Take your harpoon. I've had Moby dick there a couple of times.

RE: Fish and Chips - Si Robin - 06-04-2022

I used to love Ruddy's - though they did used to ask if I wanted any chips with my grease Wink

Regarding Andrew's post - I always found The Kingfisher very overrated. It's ok, but there are 4 other chippys in Tewkesbury (that I'm aware of) and having partaken from all of them, I have to say The Pearl of Northway is the best of all of them.

I should point out, that I don't eat fish though, so can't comment on the standard in each one - but for chips, the Pearl wins out for me, followed closely by The Tewkesbury Fryer around the corner from me.

RE: Fish and Chips - Daveangel - 06-04-2022

Ruddy’s is always good, and we used to go to Hucclecote every time, but now the Brockworth fryer is excellent and the portions are ridiculously large. Literally, one chips will feed four of us and we always throw some away!

Also, if you’re feeling super lazy, they deliver as well!

RE: Fish and Chips - Si Robin - 06-04-2022

Do they travel over to Tewkesbury Dave? That's the one on the row of shops isn't it? Used to go there when my aunt lived in Brockworth for about 18 months.

RE: Fish and Chips - Daveangel - 06-04-2022

Same Borough Council, so they should do! Smile

Yep, on the Court Road parade of shops.

RE: Fish and Chips - RJS - 06-04-2022

For me Fish and Chips is one of those meals where the idea of it is so much nicer than what you actually get 95% of the time.  Its a lottery, get the timing right and the chips have just come out of the fryer and it can be a delight, but more often than not I think you end up with something which is a bit soggy and underwhelming.  

I do like Ruddy's though. Our local is the Quedgeley Fryer, and whilst not amazing quality the portion sizes do represent value for money.  As for Simpsons I have to agree, been to the C********m one a few times and to be honest can't help but feel its just a standard chippy which has somehow garnered a massive reputation and is significantly overpriced.

RE: Fish and Chips - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 06-04-2022

I took a portion of pie chips from that Simpsons into Whaddon Road once, having packed in my rucksack a plate, bib, extra salt and vinegar, some cutlery and Tommy K.

Eating pie and chips watching City.