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Daveangel - Daveangel - 06-04-2022

(06-04-2022, 07:24 PM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  I took a portion of pie chips from that Simpsons into Whaddon Road once, having packed in my rucksack a plate, bib, extra salt and vinegar, some cutlery and Tommy K.

Eating pie and chips watching City.


And I have a photo of it.


RE: Fish and Chips - Exiled - 06-04-2022

(06-04-2022, 03:10 PM)Daveangel Wrote:  Ruddy’s is always good, and we used to go to Hucclecote every time, but now the Brockworth fryer is excellent and the portions are ridiculously large. Literally, one chips will feed four of us and
we always throw some away

Dave, are you talking about the feeding of the five thousand?      [Image: angel.png]

RE: Fish and Chips - Daveangel - 06-04-2022

No. Just four.

With chips. Smile

RE: Fish and Chips - Andrew B - 06-04-2022

I could recommend the Chipps from Australia. Steve Chipps.

RE: Fish and Chips - Kitto - 07-04-2022

Brockworth Fryer or nothing for me!

RE: Daveangel - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 08-04-2022

(06-04-2022, 07:38 PM)Daveangel Wrote:  And I have a photo of it.


You take photos of people eating?


RE: Fish and Chips - Tigermatty 2.0 - 08-04-2022

Queens fry a decent fish, but I’m most impressed with their chicken tikka kebab in naan bread, not many places round here that do chicken tikka kebabs.