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Glawster - Neil - 17-12-2022

Why do they keep bringing Gloucester down. Absolute dogshit nonsense second rate embarrassment.

RE: Glawster - Neil - 08-05-2023

Well done to Gloucester on finishing 10th out of 11 this season.

Embarrassing that this City is known for rugby yet all the huffing and puffing and they're still ****.

RE: Glawster - Kitto - 08-05-2023

Rugby Union is an absolutely mess, so Gloucester Rugby can get it wrong on the pitch as much as they want, but because they get things relatively right off the pitch (unlike Worcester, Wasps and London Irish), they'll never go down.

RE: Glawster - Andrew B - 17-02-2024

Sure that Neil will be interested in this, not. Just found out that Gloucester Rugby beat Exeter Chiefs today, at Kingsholm, in the Premiership Cup Semi Final.
Pardon my complete ignorance, what's the Premiership Cup, when it's at home? Is it like the Football League Cup? Well Done Gloucester on getting to the Final. Is the Final at Twickenham?

RE: Glawster - charlie - 18-02-2024

Yes the final is at Twickenham and it’s the Cup in rugby.

We’re also doing well in the rugby equivalent of the Europa League and have a very strong chance of getting to the late stages in that.

RE: Glawster - Daveangel - 18-02-2024

Should still be concerned about relegation.

Silly sport. Smile

RE: Glawster - Neil - 18-02-2024

If they win it do they get promoted to football?

RE: Glawster - Kitto - 18-02-2024

Probably American Football.