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Social Media - GME - 23-05-2023

Thanks to the new Chairman, we have had more coverage in the first unofficial week in the local paper, TV and local radio than the whole of last season (It seems)

RE: Social Media - Prorsum Semper - 23-05-2023

100% , For fans that dont live in the Glos anymore its invaluable, Good job!

RE: Social Media - Severnside - 23-05-2023

What a difference it makes having a focused media savvy Chairman, this alone will generate extra income and shows what a wasted opportunity it was in the last two years.  
It also shows that purely throwing money at it isn't the only thing, early days yes, but a very positive start that with of course a modicum of success on the pitch augers well.

RE: Social Media - Daveangel - 23-05-2023

I think a huge amount of the credit goes out to Matt Phillips et al, who have been putting in a huge number of unpaid hours to bring about the improvement. Just goes to show how many talented and willing volunteers we have, and how fantastic they can be when given the chance, and backed with a bit of autonomy.

RE: Social Media - Lee - 23-05-2023

Giving the right people autonomy is the key and then trusting them to run with the responsibility

RE: Social Media - Gladfans - 23-05-2023

Severnside - DA - Lee totally agree. As I put on the new signing’s post well done to all involved and long may it continue.

RE: Social Media - Fonzie - 23-05-2023

Yes I've certainly noticed an immediate change in the social media presence. Long may it continue, this is the modern world after all and you need to be good at this sort of thing! Best to keep posting while there's a bit of buzz.

RE: Social Media - Prorsum Semper - 25-05-2023

Who is running this?, The wassap chat is class, Great job whoever is doing It, Will get people looking at the club for Sure!

RE: Social Media - Neil - 25-05-2023

Agree with that!

RE: Social Media - Grey beard - 29-05-2023

Who's idea was it to give a City scarf to the winers. at the cheese roll to day  ? They stood out a mile on the local ITV news to night ,great the local football club was involved in a small way ? Well-done the club