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Quiz - Kitto - 29-11-2023

Tomorrow's quiz is ON!

If you're going, can you just confirm below please so we can let Mike Hedley-Ward know how many he needs to cater for.

RE: Quiz - Judith - 29-11-2023

Judith, John and Reg Gurney will go. Hope we’re not the only ones!

RE: Quiz - Neil - 29-11-2023

I was going to join a team with Dave, Katie and Penno but assumed it wasn't happening now. Hopefully it's not too late if he sees this Smile

RE: Quiz - Kitto - 29-11-2023

Hopefully you can still find a team!

RE: Quiz - Neil - 01-12-2023

Did this go ahead last night?

RE: Quiz - Kitto - 01-12-2023

Unfortunately not.