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AP's Blog... - Alex Petheram - 15-03-2020



RE: AP's Blog... - MrMatt - 15-03-2020

Thanks Alex! Just what we needed on a rainy football-less weekend!
Can’t wait to see the T-End completed. It looks bigger than I imagined. It feels like home already.

RE: AP's Blog... - Eric Van Der Floof - 15-03-2020

Another great update to cheer us all up. Thanks to all involved for what has been done so far.

RE: AP's Blog... - Andrew B - 15-03-2020

Thank you for the Update. New Meadow Park taking shape, looking forward to 'Bar 1883', seeing the finished article. Where will the Refreshment Kiosk/s be situated? Know it's early days, has there been any thoughts on what will be on the Menu? Well done again!!!

RE: AP's Blog... - Alex Petheram - 15-03-2020

I hear the club is going 100% plant based to suit my own personal diet... we'll have 2 kiosks one on each touch line in the corner. We'll have a range of non-alcoholic beers and wines in the 1883 bar, rather then serve that other stuff. I can see it taking off....


ps. there one truth and twos lies in the above Smile

RE: AP's Blog... - Prorsum Semper - 15-03-2020

Thanks for the update Alex, really pleased the the
T-end and the Bell stand will be the same model
As I always thought it looks better, How close will the stands be to the pitch?

RE: AP's Blog... - Alex Petheram - 15-03-2020

3m run off then the barrier then the standing area. So pretty close.


RE: AP's Blog... - Cookie - 16-03-2020

Thanks for the update Alex it's coming on well, only one minor thought, the Bell stand would be better at the opposite side of the pitch to the T-end stand. It would be for the away supporters and quite rightly known as the Bell End

RE: AP's Blog... - Alex Petheram - 16-03-2020

This is correct, the Bell "stand" (I have to keep it clean, else Mim tells me off!) is behind the goal opposite the T-End, so we in fact have two stands that end with the word "end". The Bell and T-End. Keep it PG Wink


Sorry and yes... the Bell stand will house the away supporters. I'm, hoping to find the budget for a bell to fix about the stand itself. Eamonn is talking to Plant company RK Bell and Bell Plant about being the stand sponsor. B&J Haulage is the other company that would like to sponsor the stand. It will come down to the highest bidder ...

I'm hoping to get Marc Macgregor to get someone at Calsbery to sponsor a stand too.... Either the Brian or the Eamonn. The other hope is for Raging Bull or a tyre company. If all the stands and advertising boards are construction suppliers you'll know we've failed and i've had to ring around my suppliers!


RE: AP's Blog... - Prorsum Semper - 16-03-2020

Id say that the Bell company will out bid the haulage company,it just has their name written all over it!
Great to see we are sponsoring the naming rights,I remember the T-End being sponsored by either Blackthorn Cider or Carlsberg years ago but I could be wrong.