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RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Darran - 24-04-2020

To be honest I think worrying about European places will be a bit redundant anyway. UEFA were so desperate to get Champions League and Europa League games on when they shouldn't have done and now they are desperately trying get all the leagues to carry on so it doesn't ruin next seasons competitions. They might get their heads out of the sand at some point.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Alex Petheram - 25-04-2020

I would guess the play offs will be cancelled this coming week at our level due to player contracts... Regarding the out come of promotions etc, following this weeks calls and emails etc.. I can't see the league letting clubs vote on the outcome. I would guess they'll just make a ruling this coming week with the FA and NL Board. The risk would be too great if clubs are left to vote, it could end up like an election day style champagne for number 10 else.

I'd be surprised if we see any movement between leagues from the PL down the EFL. What I feel could happen is Barrow for example go up to the EFL due to Bury coming out of the league and leagues resetting with the correct number of teams in it. I still feel one from the North and South will go up. But i'm guessing at best, the same as you all. ELF contracts end 30th June too....

There are even rumours that league two and the National league could be made regional to reduce costs, so another level of North and South.

Some good points above ref Holland... How can you hold a Champions league if you aren't the Champions and the top whatever it is in Holland going in Europe.... does this set a precedent .... Time will tell ... all the stores in the press are just other people guessing. Makes for good reading if nothing else. But we need a decision so we can start to move forward.


RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - OldDirtyGlasses - 25-04-2020

Cheers AP, I think we are lucky to have a chairperson that engages with us.
The way I see it, regarding precedent, it doesn’t really come into play with football. Each league and competition is its own little ‘club’ - the league or competition ‘owner’ set the rules of entry, membership and play and deal with disputes in-house. The fact they are polling ‘members’ (clubs) is so they can make it look like the path they have taken is that of least resistance- the members voted for it so it must be the best course. Only the Premier League is set-up like a corporation, where the members have an actual “democratic” say, the rest are effectively aristocracies, the league board have final say.
Look at the way the EFL have handed out sanctions re FFP, no consistency- if you don’t like it, you are free to leave the ‘club’ and go elsewhere (the No Homer’S club) notwithstanding if you did form a breakaway competition, you (and your players) would not be allowed to play “with our ball” - FA Cup,  league system, international football, etc... clubs/players would be banned from competing. Appeals Panels, CAS, would just be a waste of money on lawyers.
Man City will find this when they go to great expense to challenge their upcoming potential ban. Trabzonspor found it when they tried to have Fenerbache stripped of a match-fixed title. The league decision is final, and each decision is standalone and effectively unchallengeable.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Darran - 25-04-2020

Front page of tomorrow's NLP is that the Notts County manager wants the play-offs to be staged and believe they could be staged in a week. God knows what planet he is living on, but just shows the big club mentality and the fact they want a chance to get out of the FL. Like Alex points out it might be pointless anyway should they merge League 2 and the NL.

Bury actually still exist as a club and their dodgy owner wants to join the National League although if the EFL season is declared void surely they could just get their place back?

To be honest all this promotion and relegation could be pointless anyway with the possibility of the pyramid changing and the high chance of clubs going bust. Another reason why they should just void it.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - OldDirtyGlasses - 25-04-2020

The Tool

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Eric Van Der Floof - 26-04-2020

The problem with former football league clubs coming into National League is that they all think there are bigger than everyone else. Much bigger issues going on right now than football

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Darran - 27-04-2020

Having read the paper it seems that the EFL want two teams up, but one of them has to be via the play-offs. That however is only if the EFL is able to continue to a close. It seems Step 2 could have a different outcome to Step 1 and they are going to be asked first on what to do. My guess is there will be no relegation from Step 1. It seems a bit harsh for there to be relegation from Step 1, but not Step 2. People keep saying that Barrow can replace Bury, but the spare place at the moment is in League 1. Now that isn't an issue if League's 1 & 2 are completed, but it could be if they aren't able to be.

Paul Doswell the Havant manager has suggested that Step 1 becomes regional so you have a North and South league there and then make it more regional as you go down. In a few years you could sort it back out to how it is now. He reckons clubs could opt for voluntary relegation as they won't be able to afford to stay at their current level.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - Darran - 27-04-2020

Been confirmed today that the clubs have now been asked on if the play-offs should happen or not. If the clubs agree I think you are looking at a recipe for disaster. Every chance they could push the start of the new season back even more as well.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - rogerspurs - 29-04-2020

imo, there will be no football this year at all. people are dying. no vaccine, no public gatherings, no football. sorry.

RE: League Season Conclusion - Suggestions - OldDirtyGlasses - 09-06-2020

League 2 will have relegation, promotion & playoffs, using PPG as the sporting outcome decider.
Let the chain-reaction begin.
Well done League 2 for actually making a decision!
Only Stale Mince / FGR voted to continue.