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Gateshead - Ray Tango - 07-09-2021

I’m hoping to secure a 14 seater minibus for this … obviously I’m guessing the usual suspects will be onboard,Isaac,Liam,Goughy and Leon,my lad and myself. Anyone else fancy it? 

Oh and i did hear on the grapevine (honest) the players etc will chuck in a bit for petrol after what happened on Saturday!!!

Go for a pint in the toon before and after!!!

RE: Gateshead - Andrew B - 07-09-2021

Hi Ray. I would be interested in this. Would you pick up from New Meadow Park?

Just text Phil Gough. He's interested.

RE: Gateshead - Hardwicke 0445 - 08-09-2021

Yes i am interested Stephen Adams