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RE: NLN Watch - spraggy - 09-03-2022

I always think points on the board.....better than games in hand.
7 points from 3 games on their current form not likely.

RE: NLN Watch - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 09-03-2022

Not always Gord.

1pt ahead but with the team below having 70 games in hand isn't good.

RE: NLN Watch - Severnside - 09-03-2022

70 games ahead?
What leagues that in?

RE: NLN Watch - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 09-03-2022

A league with 36 teams in

RE: NLN Watch - OldDirtyGlasses - 09-03-2022

{Edited: 7/5 results added}
Us: 12 matches {0 matches} remaining.
We have the worst home PPG in the league so far (1.071). {1.286}
Still have Gateshead, Chester, Fylde, Guiseley, Hereford, Chorley & Blyth to play, I think home form will definitely improve. [8-10pts]. {12pts}

Our away PPG sees us 15th in that table (0.875). {0.905}
With Bradford, Telford, Kettering, York & Boston still to play, I think our away form will probably remain the same. [4-6pts]. {5pts}


Chester: 12 matches {0 matches} remaining.
Kettering, KiddyFarsley, York & Bradford at home (1.438). {1.571} [5-7pts]. {10pts}
Blyth, Us, Guiseley, Gateshead, Fylde, Alfreton & Brackley away (0.357). {0.667} [4-6pts]. {9pts}

Blyth: 13 matches {0 matches} remaining.
Chester, Bradford, Hereford, Farsley, Kiddy & Curzon at home (1.333). {1.286} [6-8pts]. {7pts}
Guiseley, Chorley, Boston, Telford, Spenny, Brackley & Us away (0.500). {0.762}. [4-6pts]. {9pts}

Telford: 12 matches {0 matches} remaining.
Spenny, Us, Blyth, Boston & York at home (1.188). {1.333} [5-7pts]. {9pts}
Brackley, Fylde, Guiseley, Farsley, Hereford, Chorley & Southport away (0.357). {0.429} [3-5pts]. {4pts}

Guiseley: 15 matches {0 matches} remaining.
Boston, Blyth, Telford, Chester, Gateshead, Curzon & Spenny at home (1.143). {1.143} [7-9pts]. {8pts}
Leamington, Chorley, FarsleyUsKettering, Bradford, Kiddy & Alfreton away (0.538). {0.524} [4-6pts]. {4pts}

Farsley: 13 matches {0 matches} remaining.
Leamington, Telford, Guiseley, Kettering, Southport, York, & Boston at home (1.143). {1.286}. [7-9pts]. {11pts}
Alfreton, Curzon, Fylde, Blyth, Chester & Darlington away (0.333). {0.476}. [2-4pts]. {5pts}

The title has definitely, mathematically gone (unfortunately).  Sad
The playoffs are still in sight I reckon, if we win every single remaining game. mathematically impossible. Blush

Personally, I think we'll finish 15th-17th.
{We finished 17th}.

RE: NLN Watch - spraggy - 09-03-2022

(09-03-2022, 02:19 PM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  Not always Gord.

1pt ahead but with the team below having 70 games in hand isn't good.
Please never change.......

RE: NLN Watch - Citygull - 15-03-2022

She said no vs Telford and a 6 pointer as Guiseley take on Blyth this evening...

RE: NLN Watch - Toby - 22-03-2022

JR with the chequebook out again, Fylde have signed Darlo’s captain Will Hatfield for an undisclosed fee.

RE: NLN Watch - Severnside - 22-03-2022

One things for sure given a cheque book "she said no" certainly know how to spend big with others money.
Some clubs like Fylde will and have sold its soul to the devil for success I'm sure JR will get some stick on his travels....

RE: NLN Watch - Leon city fan - 22-03-2022

Hes back to playing supermarket sweep again I see, good job we haven't got any players worth pinching.