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RE: NLN Watch - Darran - 25-04-2023

I listened to the game and it was 2 defensive mistakes which led to the goals and then Fylde didn't have too many issues with keeping Curzon at bay after that.

RE: NLN Watch - London Tiger - 26-04-2023

(24-04-2023, 08:19 PM)Darran Wrote:  I've seen Oxford City suggested. Struggle to see it being Chippenham.
If its down to furthest North, then it should be Bishop Stortford.

RE: NLN Watch - Citygull - 26-04-2023

(26-04-2023, 06:49 AM)London¬†Tiger Wrote:  If its down to furthest North, then it should be Bishop Stortford.
Ironically the most northerly club currently in the NLS - further north than Gloucester, Oxford and Bishops Stortford - is currently Braintree. Something to do with the fact that teams from Essex always play in the South though no idea why that should be significant. Meanwhile I'm hoping Nuneaton manage to win at Leiston tonight- that's a potential 4 and a half hour journey next season....

RE: NLN Watch - London Tiger - 26-04-2023

Hmm, that's interesting. So if the choice was between St Albans for instance and Braintree, St Albans would go North. Not sure that would be right

RE: NLN Watch - Neil - 26-04-2023

if it was between Stalebuns and Hemel, go on google earth and try to work out whose centre spot is further north!

RE: NLN Watch - SHANDY LOVE MACHINE - 26-04-2023

Isn't it to do with motorway connections and travel times?

RE: NLN Watch - Gladfans - 29-04-2023

Well done Fylde thoroughly deserved.

RE: NLN Watch - Citygull - 29-04-2023

(29-04-2023, 06:25 PM)Gladfans Wrote:  Well done Fylde thoroughly deserved.
They must have a chance in the NL if they keep hold of Nick Haughton..6 goals in his last 3 games and 20 plus for the season... amazing for a midfielder! Surely one of the very best at our level.

RE: NLN Watch - HeathBrewer - 29-04-2023

Seems to me we are now debating who is coming to the NLN for next season. I believe. We are going to get promoted through the playoffs!

RE: NLN Watch - Neil - 01-05-2023

Warrington Town win their playoff final against Bamber Bridge.

Rushall Olympic beat Nuneaton Town Borough United on Penalties and win promotion.