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RE: NLN Watch - Gladfans - 22-01-2022

(21-01-2022, 07:49 PM)charlie Wrote: Paul Cox has resigned from Kettering about 2 months into his 5 year plan.


If he does go to Boston I  wonder how many of the team will follow. I would like to see Callum Powell in a City shirt next season.

RE: NLN Watch - charlie - 22-01-2022

Was announced as Boston Manager last night.

RE: NLN Watch - OldDirtyGlasses - 07-02-2022

Telford's 0-0 at Curzon started a really tough run of games for them of 9 games in 4 weeks.
They play tomorrow (8th) at home to Southport, Saturday (12th) at home to Kiddy, Tuesday (15th) away to York, Saturday (19th) away to Fylde, Tuesday (22nd) away to Kettering, Saturday (26th) home to Gateshead, Tuesday (1st) home to Curzon, Saturday (5th) home to Alfreton.
Farsley still have to play Guiseley at home in a yet to be arranged fixture.

February is crucial for us to get points, and those points need to start coming from wins.
We are playing teams who are currently as much out of form as we are (Farsley 5 pts in 10, Darlington 7pts in 10, Alfreton 10pts in 10, Spennymoor, 10pts in 10, us 10pts in 10).

A lot of doom and gloom recently (amongst fans anyway) but there is still a lot of football to be played in this league - the season is chronologically 66% complete, yet not quite 57% of league fixtures have been completed. The NLN is 76% of the way to avoiding Null & Void.

RE: NLN Watch - Gladfans - 07-02-2022

Excellent post and research ODG

RE: NLN Watch - Tigermatty 2.0 - 07-02-2022

The fact there is a lot of football to play is what worries me, because if we have to play it with the current set up then I can’t see us getting many points.

We just need to get more points than Farsley from now on in, but anything other than 3 points on Saturday would be a disaster and regrettably I think we’d have to change things. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

RE: NLN Watch - OldDirtyGlasses - 08-02-2022

Southport beating Telford at HT.
Telford 3-0 loss at home.
Blyth 3-0 loss away.

RE: NLN Watch - OldDirtyGlasses - 09-02-2022

Bradford lose at home to York

RE: NLN Watch - Prorsum Semper - 12-02-2022

Next week it's Bradford Vs Farsley and Blyth Vs Guisley.

RE: NLN Watch - OldDirtyGlasses - 13-02-2022

Telford, Alfreton, Blyth & Farsley lose at home, jeez, how on earth will we survive with an xG of 0.785432!!!

RE: NLN Watch - Citygull - 15-02-2022

Lenell John-Lewis joins York City on loan... Hopefully he'll mark his debut tonight with a hat trick against Telford.. Come on City!