Big game today, they're on fire.

Interestingly, we've played league matches against them for three seasons but they've never fulfilled an away fixture.

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Time for us to put the fire out with another three points.

(12-03-2022, 11:51 AM)Gladfans Wrote:  Time for us to put the fire out with another three points.

I would be happy with a draw ?Like Neil  has said ,they are on fire and sweeping all before them ,a win would be a massive bonus but a point would be good against the leaders .

Any one know if there's any  link to radio commentary for today's match?

I fancy us today to get something after watching the second half highlights from last week,There was a few like Dawson who looked like a machine and we were taking on players when 1 on 1,If the crowd get behind the team we could cause an upset.

2 changes from last week with Cole replacing Armstrong in goal and Tomlinson starting ahead of Matt Green who drops to the bench. Nice to see Harrison back on bench along with McLure.

I didn’t expect us to outscore them and can’t complain about the result as they were a very good side. Having said that, at least a couple of their goals were a bit soft - not sure what Cole was doing for the first, but he was clearly injured. Bit disappointing at how exposed Avenell was for their third goal, considering it was his debut you’d think we’d not let them shoot so easily. On the plus side we had some really good attacking spells but we just didn’t have enough of them. We don’t have the personnel to be able to properly press a side as good as Gateshead.

Matt Green is a bit of a mystery to me. Is he fully fit?

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

No complaints about the result, thought Gateshead were a very good outfit, particularly going forward. Pleased with the performance though, we looked very lively at times, and far more creative than at other times of the season. Especially happy given how out of our depth we looked first 10-15. At 2-2 I actually thought there was a 10 minute period where we looked most likely to kick on and win the game.

Some of the goals were soft though - as has already been said a fit Cole probably deals with the first a bit better, and I think Avenell would be disappointed with the 3rd (closing down also non existent for that one).

Also echo the comments re Matt Green, a bit of a non entity when he came on, and you do wonder if he is fit.

Special mention for Lucas Tomlinson today, thought he loomed very dangerous all game.  Also a fine finish from Danny King - he seems a different player coming in from the left.

Beaten but not disgraced imo sums it up. Lots of fight - passion and good attacking moves. Our frailties at the back were exposed against top of the league . One defence splitting pass after 2 minutes showed what Gateshead were capable of. Quite what was going on for their first I don’t know.

Many might disagree but our keeper has to do better with their third goal.

We must get results from teams in and around us.

Not the end of the world lots of positives imo.

Not as bad as I feared before kick off, but although we twice managed to equalise, they then went up a gear and got ahead again, being allowed to do so by our defenders who backed off too much and let them get a clear site of goal to shoot.

Most results elsewhere went our way again, with all but one of the teams in the botttom five losing. The exceptions were Farsley who drew and are still seven points and 21 goals behind us (but with one game in hand).

The next two matches are against the two teams immediately above us and wins at Bradford and home to Chester could see us overtake both of them.

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