What odds are we for the season

Not sure “spine” is the right word to use especially when mentioning Matty in the same entry (lol) but seriously though totally agree with you.

(09-07-2022, 11:14 AM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  If the club's aspiration is 'don't go bust or go down' then we've not really moved on from playing at Evesham.

Shandy ,Think we have moved on load's since Evesham and it's not a lack of ambition by the club and think the club is acting in a sensible way after what has happened since returning to meadow. Park now the Tiger Turf. We payed a lot of money out on our return home that back fired months later then covid hit then JR left with half of the team then the new incoming manager failed to replace players who  had. left that left us chasing last season ( not LMs fault ) Don't know but my guess is we lost a lot of. money due to things not going our way and we have to regroup  ? To be mid or just above mid table would be a good step forwards for me and not a lack of ambition imo for me little steps of improvement over  two  or three seasons gives us the chance to build a strong team to go for a promotion season Been following the club long enough to know we don't do anything  easy or quickly .
If we get a much better position in the top half and stay in or about the top half and playing good football with a good cup run I don't think we will. be under 2 000 average 
Like I've said small steps you can only fall a small way , With big steps you fall from a greater and faster hight,

At City we put all our faith in the manager whoever they may be. LM is no exception.
We have in the past signed so called stellar signings, almost bust the bank and watched duffers.
Most wishful signings by people on the COF were 30 yr plus men . Sure we haven’t signed too many players but we have got imo a couple of decent players.
I am hopeful.

We have additional sponsorship too, since last season (stadium, shirts etc.). IIRC we were told that that money would go towards the playing budget.

If you look at the last few seasons and squads managers have built we’re in a decent position so far.

Rowe’s transfers were exciting and massively built expectations that we would be up towards the top, the squad had a lot of high earners and quality but had no depth and he left before he had to deal with any real injuries or suspensions. I believe he was over budget as well however not 100%

Groves initial signings when he came in during N&V season looked solid enough Burroughs & Young from Coventry looked better every game. The start of last season however was extremely poor from Groves on the recruitment front, going into the season very light and lacking experience, Physicality as well as quality. Leaving us to play catch up with other clubs and ultimately loosing far too many games

Mansell’s arrival brought some much needed changes and made us much harder to beat with the results eventually coming once he had a settled squad.

Digie, Morgan & Mitford are all proven at this level and should slot into the squad easily. I think we need another 3 or so players to be looking towards the play offs. A starting LB another CM and possibly a Striker but it all comes down to budget.

Currently my expectations for the season is to make an improvement on last season and to finish mid table. That might change if we do some more business before the end of the summer, so that’s just judging on who we’ve signed so far and how we finished last season (Form: Last 5 games 10th, Last 10 games 9th, Last 15 games 8th).

Must admit I was hoping for some more marquee signings having heard we are wanting promotion again and it sounds like we have spoken to a few players of that kind of calibre. There is still time though!

Here’s hoping we exceed expectations!

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