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(21-01-2023, 12:25 PM)charlie Wrote:  I posted this a couple of pages back!
Apologies Charlie, it’s a bit of a monster thread!

[Image: TELEMMGLPICT000244663682_trans_NvBQzQNjv...682Vo.jpeg]

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(21-01-2023, 12:21 PM)Gladfans Wrote:  An interesting article from the chairman of South Sheilds on their website.  He says “ …the primary source of income will be Season tickets sales sponsorship and hospitality “ so no big backer there.

Also they will be offering season tickets valid for 3 yrs in order to boost the coffers - at this seasons price.
What do you do once you have spent the extra in the first season? ..

At least they haven’t got JJ’s wages any more.

Hmm given the money they spend on wages which I reckon would be more than most teams at our level they must be getting serious money in through those streams.

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