Even though it was cold

Huge respect to all the FC and Trust volunteers who gave up their time to put the game on yesterday,  be it stewards, fund raising, turnstiles, clearing up etc etc. For those who were not there it was freezing all day and misty as well.  Far from comfortable working conditions. Some of those folk would have been out in that for a very long time.  They earnt our thanks and more yesterday.

Good to see Roary back too!

Warmest person there!

There was a Blyth fan in shorts and t-shirt by the corner flag.

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Its a show-off thing that people from Newcastle area do.

I bet he wears a fur coat when its scorching

(22-01-2023, 12:16 PM)Neil Wrote:  There was a Blyth fan in shorts and t-shirt by the corner flag.
They're hard up north...
I remember being out one night in January in Glasgow and there was a group of lads on a pub crawl with absolutely nothing on apart from shorts, it was -2, positively balmy up there!

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