Piers Morgan.

I think he’s an arrogant and nasty human, far too opinionated and he doesn’t actually care about what any of his guests have to say.

Saying that, if government ministers are too scared to get shouted at because of their compete mid handling of every single aspect of this crisis it says a lot about them. Then again, I honestly do not see why anyone is surprised it’s been mishandled so badly. It was always going to happen.

Piers Morgan not bothered one way or another but i am glad someone exposes this corrupt useless goverment and their lying, scruffy, halfwit, leader makes us the laughing stock of the world.

Why is it an issue that government ministers won't go on GMB? Does he really think any of them will give an answer to any question he asks? Any kind of political TV is futile; Marr, Question Time, all that. No one is going to give an answer on TV that they will be held accountable for!



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