The King’s Speech - Friday 19th May

(13-05-2023, 09:49 PM)Grey beard Wrote:  Where is the sword inn ? Don't get out that often ??????
On Westgate Street. Used to be known as the Union back in the day.

Thanks Paul
Spent a lot of good nights in that pub playing darts ,had the best darts team in Gloucester for years ?Haven't gone drinking in town for years ,will try to see Steve off with a beer or three ?
He deserves a good send off

Was there a good turn out for him ?wanted  to go tonight ,but had to get a doctor  out to Wendy this mornings and touch and go that's she did not end being admitted in to hospital ,gave us both a shock ??
Any way hope he got a good send off ?He deserved it .

Fair few there

[Image: FwhJlhCWcAA5DDX?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Great to see such a youthful fan base. Good for the future

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

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