My Brother in Law is an Everton Season Ticket Holder. Been to Goodison Park twice with him, to watch Everton v Arsenal. Haven't spoke to him about this, sure he will be annoyed to put it mildly.
When Gloucester City played Everton in 1994 (pre season), my Sister came to the game as well. We sat in the main stand, somewhere in the Meadow Park crowd, was her future Husband. They would meet each other a few years later, working at the same place in Barnwood. They've been married since December 2004.
Sorry, going Way Off Topic. Just one more thing. In the 1994/95 season, Everton went onto win the FA Cup, beating Manchester United 1 - 0 at Wembley.
Everton's last trophy, perhaps they should play us again in pre season. Sure Dr Bob would be Happy.

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