Trust meeting with Alex Petheram

Trust chair Robin Mogg and board member Tim Lezard met with Alex Petheram last Thursday.

We had a positive meeting during which we received assurances that members of the new club board were committed to securing the long-term future of the club, putting into place the financial structures they believed were necessary for us to avoid relegation.

Alex said relations between himself and the manager were good, and they were working together to keep us up.

We welcomed both his assurance the women’s and junior teams would remain as part of the club and his commitment to tackle antisocial behaviour at the ground, restating our aims of making New Meadow Park a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

We also welcomed the club statement saying a fans’ representative would be voted on to a new club sub board.

As the largest and only properly constituted group representing Gloucester City fans, recognised by the Football Supporters’ Association, we made the case for Trust members to vote for that representative.

Members of the Trust board subsequently formally voted for Robin Mogg to be that representative – a move we shall today propose to Alex.

We reiterate anyone is welcome to join the Trust and have their say. We are an independent, democratic organisation representing Gloucester City fans. You can join us here:

Join the Trust online

I just find it hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Hopefully Robin will be the supporter on the board especially as there isn't any other candidate.

Excellent news.

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