Stadium update July 19th

Brilliant blog Alex. I’m shaking with excitement and anticipation. Let’s not let Covid spoil the long awaited return. Now is the time to get behind the club. 
Dave put me down for a roller, as I don’t do brushes. Can’t get a decent finish.

Alex is up early today!

I can't believe he only has one bathroom? I've got four toilets!

Unlike everyone else who seem to be having a lie in. Come on guys it’s happening.

Well done, excellent progress again. Returning to our ground is looking so real and so imminent. A big thanks to all who contributed, especially AP

Put me down for some painting Dave.

Fair swap?

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

It appears that good progress is being made on all fronts. Well done to all involved.

Dave, is there a date or dates for the painting party known yet? Last time I painted anything at Meadow Park, it was under eight feet of water a couple of weeks later!

Another excellent update gets better every week, thanks AP and all concerned.

I'd like to put my name down for helping out as well please Dave.

Another great Post from AP. New Meadow Park is becoming more and more real. With the photo on the Blog of the refreshment kiosk construction, noticed a lorry trailer in the background with the Company name on the side. Maybe they would like to position it between the Bell End Terrace and the refreshment kiosk. Charge them for the advertising, and use the trailer as a drinking / eating area, with long tables and stools. Big Grin Sorry, gone off course!!! (I would like to help with the painting Dave).

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

To Pink Floyd

We don’t need Forest Green Rovers
We don’t need no C********m Town
No Cirencester in midwinter
No soulless Evesham Shithole!

Hey Alex, gave us all a home
He built the T-End, we bought a brick in the wall.

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