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(22-03-2020, 01:59 PM)Pims manager again Wrote:  
(18-03-2020, 10:27 AM)GME Wrote:  at the time one of the best stadiums and pitches at that level in the country

Neil (Phelps) will have a good number of pictures i would have thought

It. was a fine stadium, when Arsenal came George Graham commented it was one of the best surfaces outside the was innovative with green mesh under the ground which allowed the roots of the grass to remain even if the blades were worn.the only problem was the West stand had a very shallow terrace making you stand in height order?.
Now being part of the rebuilding I take pleasure in looking out of our new Clubhouse to the already erected stands behind each goal, a pitch which is constantly evolving.
We as a Club are very fortunate to have at the helm EMG AP and their adjutant SH. We couldn’t be in better hands.

Agree, the chicken run was not a good stand, the only thing it was covered, it had no height

It's getting harder and harder today ... suppliers are closing and trying to keep people 2m apart in a charging room for example isn't easy! So many things are two man jobs in construction .... even lifting a sheet of platerboard.


I'm surprised work is still happening to be honest.

(24-03-2020, 06:54 PM)Neil Wrote:  I'm surprised work is still happening to be honest.

Depends, in Spain construction can still continue and you can still receive material by delivery as long as the correct measures are in place,not sure if the UK has the same rules.

It's the same here. But Merchants have/ are shutting. So getting materials is the issue. Staying 2m apart and no more then two people in a group, so following the government rules. Plus you've the moral and responsibility role as a company MD of what to do ...

We're doing what we can, but pace is slow and materials are gold dust. We're doing nothing indoors either... Just two chaps doing the steel frame and two doing the pitch today ... Should have around 30 people working, but we've got four. But we must protect the NHS, nothing else is important at this stage...


It was all going so smoothly.. Wouldn't be City though if the stadium was built without being hindered by a global pandemic... Smile

Just been out for a cycle ride up to Sainsburys to get some bits and bobs for the old man, aren't I good Wink had a little detour via Sudmeadow Road to have a gander at the progress. It's really good to see with my own eyes and the new T-End looks much more imposing than it does in the photos. I'm certain there will be room underneath for an office for Dave Wink

Thanks Neil, when the back of the stand is clad which was meant to start first week of April, now goodness only knows when, it will look better again I hope. The cladding and roof is grey... so we can get a sign or whatever on the back of the stand too ....

Stay safe


No one is going to criticise any delays Alex. I know this might muck things up but no one can really be sure when next season will start. Guess can't be that sure how many clubs will survive either. 
Being safe and protecting each others lives is the be all and end all at the mo.

Thanks Nigeglos, we'll keep battling as best we can... but it's tough going as you can image, staff numbers are massively down on site to follow the government guidelines. But like I've said before.... nothing compared to what's happening in the world currently.

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