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Right, the voiding of a season that is more than 3/4's complete is, in my opinion, the wrong decision - lets hope it does not come to that (the decision on the league's below ours has yet to be ratified by the FA Council, so there is still hope!).

Having had 2 days not working I have had time to look at some data, findings as follows:
Most completed leagues tend towards the following outcomes; a definite result (Win-Loss) percentage of 70-75%, a non result (Draw) percentage of 25-30% (the data used for this is from English League Football history since the 1880's up to the nearly present day).

This season's NLN had the following:
360 matches played (78% of the total planned 462).
159 home wins (44%) - 111 away wins (31%) - 90 draws (25%) - so Win-Loss = 75%, Draw = 25% - we appeared to be fitting the historical trend.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the outcomes of all the remaining matches, but we can look to the most common single match outcome for some help (variations due to one dataset being more upto date, but useful for a range), that of the 1-1 draw; 11.0 - 11.6% of all matches have ended as a 1-1 draw; the 0-0 comes in at 7.2 - 7.7%.
A 1-0 home win ranges from 9.8 - 10.5%, 0-1 away win 6.3 - 7.4%.

If the FA and Leagues used the most common single game result and awarded every remaining fixture the status of a draw, each team would collect 1 point per game remaining.

York & Kings Lynn end on 74 points each, York would win on head-to-head record; (York 3-0 KL) & (KL 1-0 York) - or they could play-off.
Bradford Personal Assistant bottom on 29, Blyth second from bottom on 32, Kettering & Curzon next on 43, we are level with Leamington on 45.

Any better ideas?

My view is very much that if the season can't be played, it should be voided. There is precedent for this from when WW2 started (I know the season had also just started).

I also think the FA and leagues should make this decision now, and then put off any decision on next season until the situation is much clearer. I think there is a reasonable posibility we won't be playing football (with crowds) until next year.

I think the three week semi lock down was ever so optimistic with updates from the Government implying imo it might be much longer . Imo the season if possible should be resumed or points per game. If it is to be resumed then we are probably looking at end of June . If that is what is decided then clubs cannot complain that a few weeks later a new season starts. Everyone in football ( and life to some extent) want what they think is best for them and you can’t really blame them and some of the articles in this weeks NLP reflect this however as I put on another thread once the decision is made there cannot be any appeals- courts if arbitration- suing the FA at whatever level. These are unprecedented circumstances and my heart goes out to the decision makers dammed if they do and ........

Keep well everyone

End the season now- don’t drag it out so there is a long period of uncertainty

I’m in the void the season camp as well. It’s the only fair way and it’ll save a lot of messing around with the football calendar, plus we still don’t even know when this’ll be over. At least if we put this season to bed across all leagues they can just look at a reasonable time to start next season. I’m sure that some clubs will feel massively aggrieved but I feel it’s a more fair way than any other suggestions I’ve heard such as points per game etc.

If the season can't be finished (and I don't think it can), then it can only be voided. Morpeth have 15 games still to play in the Northern Premier so can hardly think they would be happy if you just gave them a point per game. With them having 7 or even 8 games in hand over teams above them then it also shows up how stupid a PPG solution would be. Yes South Shields are pissed off and I get that, but I wonder if they would have been saying the same last year when they were the ones who were finishing fast as they tried to catch Farsley. They also benefited from North Ferriby going out of business as their results were voided because they couldn't finish the season. Now all the teams can't finish the season so is there much difference? For them to be threatening legal action is crazy and if they want to over spend in trying to get up the leagues that is up to them. No doubt a rule will be put in place should there be any reason a season can't finish from now on, but to suddenly make up a PPG rule now just won't wash for a lot of teams.

(30-03-2020, 10:55 PM)Darran Wrote:  If the season can't be finished (and I don't think it can), then it can only be voided. Morpeth have 15 games still to play in the Northern Premier so can hardly think they would be happy if you just gave them a point per game.

It's not a point per game mate, it's working out the average points they have gained per game during the season. Just checking you understand that?

"It can only be voided". No it can't, there are other options, yours is one opinion, not a fact.

As long as King’s Lynn and their egotistical clown of a chairman don’t go up who cares now?

Void means it didn't happen, it never existed, which i think is the fairest way to go. Then next season will (hopefully) commence with the same clubs/setups that started this non-season. If certain clubs have tried to buy success and lost a bundle then hard luck them, they've hopefully learnt an expensive lesson, next season might then be more of a level playing field, so to speak.

I presume our agreement with Evesham was on a game by game basis (due to FA Cup, Trophy, etc) so if/when the season is brought to a premature end we don't have to cough up any more money to them?

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