Guiseley on Saturday

A double against Hungerford, backheeled equaliser against Christchurch, a goal in the league opener against Kettering, another in the next match away to Chorley? (No).
Shows great work rate, positive and can clearly score goals (that backheel was pure class). He’s not AA nor MM, but I have confidence in KBN.
(Note: he didn’t score against Chorley, I just remembered it was the Free Kick Stunner from Gavin the Gunner!)

“Insert Name Here”’s Entertainers
Johnny Murphy’s Barmy Army

I think what Joe said makes a lot of sense as we have injuries and suspensions look to the lower leagues for cover. Other clubs are doing it,yesterday Dartford signed a player from Hornchurch on dual registration he scored both goals to beat Slough. Alex said we have had a number of players contacting the club looking for work. James must have a list of contacts as long as your arm he could call on if need be.We are in a good spot at the moment if it means bringing in temps to keep us there lets do it (as Boris would say)

On Instagram Fab posted 6 days ago he is 4 weeks in and still recovering from a broken rib. So unlikely to feature unless he has made a full recovery.
It must be a given that with the clear hunger that this club has if MM is going to be out for a while they will do whatever to bring in reinforcements to keep us challenging at the top until MM is fit.

Didn't see this at the start of the stream yesterday but fair play

Pure Partridge!

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