Season Ticket Holders Passcodes

Hi - between now and the next live streamed game ST holders will be emailed a unique passcode which is theirs for the rest of the season. 

This will mean no more waiting for the passcodes to be sent out weekly and no more emails going in the junk folder, you’ll just have to look out for the link to the live stream.

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Codes have started to be emailed out but have to be done manually so it'll take some time.

If you haven't received yours by Monday morning, email

Lee, can I ask, will streaming continue? I am in tier 3 in South glos and with the number of cases here, I can't see that changing.
Alex I think mentioned that it might continue with no commentary and I understand the idea of making it a bit less attractive than going but right now I can't go even though I would love to be there.
I am sure there are others who don't want to risk it for now. Could I ask if it is at all possible for it to continue?

Yes it is continuing with commentary

To clarify, the codes being sent will not apply to Tuesday night's trophy match as it will be all pay


I will still be shielding. Can the game be purchased online as normal for all supporters to watch the game online? Thank you.

It will be streamed yes, season ticket passcodes won’t work so you will need to pay for the stream and you will be emailed a code specific for Tuesdays match after payment

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Thanks for the replies matt and Lee. Good to hear.

Thanks, Really pleased that I will get to witness a big day in what will go down in the club’s history,Hoping that the T-END does the ones that can’t be there proud #WORKONWEDSDAYUNABLETOSPEAK #90MINITUES

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