Paul Groves

And we've gained some Israeli fans!

A lack of current National League North football knowledge would have applied to anyone appointed who wasn't a NLN manager so always an issue unless we appointed a current NLN and that was always doubtful.
Great pedigree and it will be interesting to see how his team develops in the coming weeks and months.

Well it's not Sol Campbell but I reckon he'll do a decent job!

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Looks like a decent appointment to me. We can finally get back to the football and put this saga behind us and hopefully Groves can continue where we left off before.

Welcome Paul.

Maccabi Haifa fans seem very upset that he's left, partly because they liked him and partly off field matters with their club by the looks of it. Interestingly Groves and a physio Niall Clark seem to follow each other when they move to new clubs, and their fans seem to think he's going to be leaving as well.

It's always promising for us when opposition supporters are sad to see someone leave.

Fair question posed on Twitter, won’t he need to self isolate on returning to the UK?

Not based on current guidance.

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Maccabi Haifa statement on website:
"Assistant coach Paul Groves, who arrived early last season, has asked to quit his job, due to an offer he received in his homeland. Groves spoke with the club's president, Yaakov Shachar, and the team's coach, Barak Bachar, and asked to leave in favor of the position overseas. The club granted the request. Paul will fly home in the next day due to corona constraints and entry into the new role. Barak Bachar: "I thank Paul for much help. He received an offer that fascinated him and I can only wish him success." Groves told the official website: "I really enjoyed Maccabi Haifa. I had a great time here, working with the players and the club. Thank you very much to the management and the audience. I am now on my way to a new challenge as manager in England, for me this is an opportunity. I wish the club great success." We thank Paul and wish him well. We will know how to say goodbye to Paul at the right time and in the right way".

Don’t know much about him but he sounds very experienced and based on his experience I’m sure we will benefit from his contacts.

It’ll be great to get back to focussing on football now we have a new man in charge.

Welcome to Gloucester, Paul!

This has got to be one of the most positive updates. Players back from injury, manager backed to replace two that left.

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