Paul Groves

Im pleased we have a manager tbh,He was a captain at Grimbsy so obviously has leadership qualities,won’t be short of some very good contacts which in this league is massive.
Hopefully will get an interview with him,hoping that he’s seen the potential of the club and that we are well set up off the pitch,Could be a City legend if he can get us up to the NL in the next few years.

(08-12-2020, 04:23 PM)MeadowClark Wrote:  Looks like a decent appointment to me. We can finally get back to the football and put this saga behind us and hopefully Groves can continue where we left off before.

Welcome Paul.
So glad a new manager is in place, can't wait to see what sort of style he will get the team playing in the next few weeks.
If after this break we can get back to winning way's ,I will be very happy.   COYR& Y.

Well I never saw that one coming, superb pedigree , experience nationally and abroad.
Just shows since the arrival of AP SH to compliment Eammon how far the Club has come to attract people with his CV.
Welcome Paul to an open honest Football Club with fans second to none, the best squad of players in my 50 yrs plus watching the Club and a board who are again second to none.
Exciting times, may be a blessing in disguise the departure of JR and others who wish to go.

(08-12-2020, 04:44 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  Not based on current guidance.
Great news, thank you, I made assumption it applied to every international traveller.

I've seen the chap play a few times, he's a focused winner.

Good to see McMMc back, and that GG will be getting his clements done in January. As for Fabien, he may well have sorted his ribs out but he appears to have gone blind. Look forward to seeing him arrive this season, will need a few games for match fitness though.

I feel better now.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

(08-12-2020, 04:03 PM)Severnside Wrote:  A lack of current National League North football knowledge  would have applied to anyone appointed who wasn't a NLN manager so always an issue unless we appointed a current NLN and that was always doubtful.
Great pedigree and it will be interesting to see how his team develops in the coming weeks and months.

What I more meant is that if it was someone based in this country then you can imagine they would have been following things especially if they had been a Non-League manager. Maybe he will have been following closely, but it is obviously much harder to believe that he has been especially as I am guessing he was the one who applied late. I'm sure he will get himself up to speed though.

Interesting that Jake Cole is now reverting to being just a GK (with an operation pending) and that the new man is bringing in some of his own back room staff. Also the first thing he has done is assess the fitness of the players and will be given cash to replace Asante and Carline.
We certainly have a professional set up these days and I really believe this guy will take us to the next level.

To be fair it's going to take a lot to replace those two players.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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Thanks for everyone's support ... been a really tough couple of weeks ... this week has been really positive ... only a fool sits on the river bank looking at the water thinking it's the same water ... so keep moving forward!

Paul is a proper bloke, a real gent ... we'll do a press conference (free live streamed we hope) Thursday afternoon after training. We'll back him as I have done ... and I hope you agree ... every manager i've signed at the club ... the hard work starts tomorrow!


Thanks AP, been a bit of a roller coaster fortnight (hey what's new here ! ) but looking forward to a great future. Need to get in more firepower up front though but I'm sure that's just pending...

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