Paul Groves

Welcome to the club!

Great appointment that.
Exciting times.

Good news, great to have a number 1 with so much experience.

Welcome aboard Paul, I’m pretty sure I saw you play at Anfield (in the away end) when Grimbo beat Liverpool with Phil Jevons’ late strike in 2001. Playing centre back that night.
Let’s have a cup run!

What do you think Darren,a good signing ?

Do we have any intel on his footballing ethos? Is he a defensive-style manager who likes to soak up pressure and hit you on the counter-attack (a la Mourinho) or does he prefer his teams to dominate possession?

I can't find anything about him on Google.

“A highly motivated, versatile and focused UEFA A licensed manager and coach...strategic and analytical problem solver...prides himself on his work ethics, reliability, attention to detail and being a good communicator.”

Bournemouth chairman Eddie Mitchell said he had an “...unwavering determination to produce an attractive brand of football....however...luck was not on his side”
Will Shaun Brooks be joining too?

Same agent (agency) as Alex Whittle I believe

Seems a great appointment - very impressive CV. Be really interested to see what style of football he looks to play and also how good his network is in terms of adding to the squad. Hopefully JR's old tracksuit and manager's coat will fit him as they haven't had much wear so that will also save a few quid!!

Sounds like a good appointment. Welcome Paul.

(08-12-2020, 02:32 PM)Kengreen Wrote:  What do you think Darren,a good signing ?

Ken like you I had never heard of him prior to the other day. I worry about his current knowledge of National League North football, but he obviously comes with an impressive CV. He has a good team already and let us hope him and Adie have players in mind to improve the squad and keep us at the top.

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