A Plea From Me

Like Plato I have also said its a little to soon for me ,but four weeks after my first jab no one is stopping me not even Wendy?

Absolutely very well done to all those who have got the game ready for Tuesday, what an undertaking and not just that but getting the ground certificates etc that were still outstanding. You would not realise how much hard work this and yes there is the possibility that some things might need to be fine tuned after Tuesday, but every fan in the ground should owe appreciation to Geordie and the gang.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

I, too, will not be attending Tuesday's match. I don't intend to be at NMP until after I've had the immunisation.

By my reckoning, I will be in the fourth wave of those to be immunised, which I doubt will be before February or March, so I hope to make it to some games before the end of the season.

I’ve brought this back up the list just in case people thinking of getting their ticket tomorrow take on board what is expected now in stadiums, especially where the majority stand and not sit.

It would be a shame on Boxing Day if it was messed up Tuesday and less tickets were available for the Leamington match.

Of course Boris could mess it up on Wednesday!

Well done everyone.

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