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10 out of 10 for footballing zen

(15-12-2020, 04:40 PM)Neil Wrote:  Jake? M'boy?

I was wondering about good old Jake the other day. Add him to the list of old fans who can't/don't come any more and we hope they're doing alright (see Bob Meadows, John Davis, etc).

Apologies if I've inadvertently killed Jake off. I remember we did that to Oldie!

Tiger Roar is always your friendĀ

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Lovely gesture to have a minutes clap on 13 minutes today.

Predictably I forgot, and when it started we were playing the ball around like Brazil so I thought it was in recognition of that. Got a few funny looks when I started booing after they retrieved the ball.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

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