At 2 down I thought we were in deep trouble. They punished us clinically unlike Leamington last week. After getting the goal back though we started to grow into the game and 2nd half we were superb. The move for the 2nd goal was fantastic and what can you say about the winner that hasn't already been said. It was the perfect free kick. That is the best we have played for weeks and just when we needed a performance like that as well. Marsh-Brown had his best game yet for yes and maybe he needed some game time to get going, but if he carries on like that then he will be a big player for us.

It dont get much better than that. PG is a quiet man who knows his stuff. Yes we will lose games and maybe go on a bad run of results at some stage in the season but as someone who has been extremely fortunate to attend games I have witnessed the respect other managers show him during and after the game. As they say actions speak louder than words. And our second goal was effing fantastic. UTC

Superb comeback, and just what we needed after a turbulent couple of weeks.

Kev Dawson covered every blade of that 3G today.

Days like today remind you why we love it!

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

When you’re up the top it’s always important not to drop points against you rivals. Week off league duty next week before return to league action against Flybe -

Well due to other commitments I did not watch the game today relying on Gladfans .2-0 down thought we were dead and buried, seen the goals through Neil’s worm cams , what a beautiful goal our third was, delightful, great to see the reaction of the players.
PG seems to have got us working in the right direction and has a totally different persona to JR.
Got to know JR reasonably well working at MP, he came over as ebullient, weisenheimer even, that said always polite and courteous.
PG appears to be the total opposite, self effacing, modest and knowledgeable, probably being our best signing to date.
Well done to all.

Fylde are set to play York, Blyth and Brackley by the time we face them in 2 weeks so there is a chance they could have gone top by then.

I didn't catch the Kiddy line-up and didn't realise that Omari Sterling-James played for them, he didn't stand out. Luke Maxwell was in midfield, I don't think we missed out on much there. Their defender Cliff Moyo did though, he was shite!

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Fantastic result, especially considering the unsettled week we've had.

I was out for the first 40 minutes, but from the 50 minutes I saw we played really well. Sounds like we started poorly, but we certainly picked up.

I was impressed that we didn't lump any high long balls forward today. We've worked out we don't have the strikers for that. Much better threading balls in behind the defence and to the wings.

Wonderful free kick to win it too.

I hadn't expected that today. Shows we're still well up for the fight. Handful of reinforcements and no reason we can't win the league still.

(09-01-2021, 08:27 PM)Nigeglos Wrote:  Two nil down to kiddie, never an issue for city.
That was a good watch, great to see some old familiar faces again, including Joey P at his best. MOTM had to have been Zach Jeacock, some great saves kept us in the game. Really a tale of two penalties - ours given for a foul outside the box and scored, theirs nailed on and saved  Shy.

(09-01-2021, 09:29 PM)Darran Wrote:  Fylde are set to play York, Blyth and Brackley by the time we face them in 2 weeks so there is a chance they could have gone top by then.
Their York game on Tuesday has been postponed by the look of it.

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