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(11-01-2021, 04:26 PM)Neil Wrote:  Promotion would be a nice early birthday present for me, Clifty and the guy who played Shelley.

Would that be Hywel Bennett, Nagal?

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Hang on, he's dead and his birthday isn't the 18th!

Tiger Roar is always your friend http://www.tigerroar.co.uk/fixtures20232024.php

Comprehensive City press cutting archive http://www.tigerroar.co.uk/cuttings.php

(11-01-2021, 04:47 PM)bigdavethemaddog Wrote:  Alex - what would happen if it got cancelled tomorrow and couldnt resume? null and void? not expecting that to happen but just wondered if a plan had been put in place?
If it got “cancelled”, we aren’t at the 75% mark so null & void would be the only option. If they postponed for more than 5 weeks then I doubt there would be enough time left until the end of May to finish (max 2 games a week)- I count 5 midweek gaps in May/April. They would have to consult with the FA Council & extend the season. Don’t forget the Euros are due to be played this summer, that might end up being entirely within one country (England?) so there is a fair bit for the FA to think about.

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