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Next season ... as i'm already moving on ...

Not an easy call really, sure South might look the better option but for the North better grounds, nicer people, travel wise I’m not sure there’s much in it .
More local derby’s perhaps with Bath, Chippenham etc it’s a close call.
From a selfish point of view I would perhaps lean towards South, a new season, new opportunities against new opponents.it’s all dependant on our squad potential really.
Not sure with the players signed to date will be a winning formula to win a league but hey what do I know?

I like the South personally however how many of our team signed for us as we were in the North ( Jas Singh didn’t resign I seem to remember for us going South so the same might apply if we swapped leagues ) and are Midlands based. Just a thought.

We now have pro footballers though so travel shouldn't really come into it that much. It is a bit different if you are semi-pro and have another job to think about.

(09-02-2021, 03:21 PM)Neil Wrote:  North. Clubs in the south have no identity.
North......if Neil wants it that's good enough for me

Prefer the north, but with a pro team whichever gains us promotion quickest - which is surely the aim of a pro team. Next level up it won't matter.

We won't hear anything either way on this, it's not our decision ... we won't even be asked/ consulted ... the fixtures will just come out and we'll be expected to manage either way ... But i'd be amazed if we move South.


It may be that one or more clubs at our level may wish to drop out of their league next season due to the financial mess caused by Covid over the last year. That could cause a bit of a reshuffle.


If you lot want to go "South" that's six points lost for a start, I cannot remember City beating Bath no matter how bad they were playing.

Ps, maybe once or twice! Angel Angel

There are no strangers here, only friends you have not met yet!

Not sure Bath are still such a bogey team: we beat them early on in our first season at Evesham and drew with them in 18/19. (Ok we got stuffed in the away fixtures). Whereas we've only got one point in our last 7 league outings v Brackley.

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