Glos Live again....

Credit where credits due they seem to be giving the club more coverage lately,just looked on the sports page and we’ve definitely got our fair share of news, maybe we’re becoming a little bit more interesting to read about and getting a few more clicks, anyway long may it continue!

I've been thinking should I or shouldn't I respond to this ... and sod it ... here we go ...

This is largely down to one person, Jenni Phillips ... Glos Live has lost, replaced whatever a number of staff due to Covid filled cuts and life ... Since Matty 2.0 and I have moved on ... he set up a meeting with myself and Jenni ... I said exactly what I wanted too, from the Cookie story, to the lack to sports and ground coverage, to the leaks and just the silly games in my eyes etc etc ... if I was right or wrong it didn't matter, I had an hours therapy and ranted ... Jennie was excellent, she listened, which was all I wanted ... I said ... some dumb things too, but ... I had two years of ranting to get off my chest ... Jenni went back and said and did whatever she did internally ... I then had some time to think ... I figured that I now owed Jenni some respect back, she was the first person to actually be big enough to face me from the paper one on one and listen ... and I'm not easy to deal with when I'm on one ... in fact ... I'm ever more direct, driven and determined ...

I then in fairness made my thought very clear to all the Glos Live team after this meeting when they approached me ... mainly the sports lot ... and JP for all his sins of being a C********m fan at heart, does want this club to do well. I'm aware of 95% of his stories ... I can never stop them, but he does have the respect to flag it to me first ... some times I laugh, sometimes I comment, other times I ignore ...

Lots and lots of water under the bridge ... and only a fool sits on the river bank thinking he's looking at the same bit of water. And as a club we also need to accept we haven't been great ... prior to me we also made up a heap of stories to try and play PR games ... and I then just shut them off completely ... so we aren't prefect.

The same story has happened with all media outlooks including BBC Glos Radio, with myself and Ian. We all move on ... and now hopefully work together ...


Jenni (and of course Matty) are good friends to the club, so if there is anyone to fight our corner at TIG then its her.

I'm glad to see you've kissed and made up, I've always felt that TIG has a wide reach. Severn Sport have stepped in to provide the coverage on more local 'grass roots' football, but I think we can have two feet in each camp.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Severn Sport have been great and always will be great. Everyone needs to accept it's a new day ...


And thanks to Lisa/Graham Gardner getting Points West in for the Groves unveiling and Needham Market games they seem to be very interested too.

Having all this media interest is just what we want and need, and having Severn Sport, Glos Live, BBC Gloucester now! and Points West and ITV is great.

More coverage the better especially following from abroad!

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