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This is franchise Dons ....

This might be a success in the far East but in the UK, can't see it.

(19-04-2021, 04:11 PM)graymim Wrote:  Clubs still intend to remain in the Premier and will obviously use this league as a reserve league for up and coming players and injury returnees. Armchair premier watchers will no longer be able to see the creme de la creme players as they will be playing mid week in the Super League. It will obviously give more places to better players but will have a detrimental effect on the lower leagues. I saw the interview with the Wolves guy who welcomed it as it will give the middle order clubs chance of winning the Premier but that will not add up as the billions on offer will still allow the super clubs to purchase the best and dominate the League much like the FA cup where they roll the dice until the semis when the big gun players arrive.
It will be nice to welcome the disillusioned to non league soccer
Won't the new league be two groups of 10.  So in effect a replacement champs league, just with guaranteed 'big' games. So I think they would still view the Prem League as a 1st team competition.  Mind you it would create more fixtures so I guess part of the financial clout received would result in those clubs carrying ridiculous squads and stockpiling unfair amounts of the 'talent'.  Which ever way you dice it up, its a bad idea.
#13 sky sports interview on it. I didnt really realise quite what this means. Prem becomes second rate

The money on offer is huge. Billions. Makes me mad to think our League was abandoned due to a few more months of financing. The filter from top to bottom is enormous and the crumbs falling from the table of richer clubs is drying up.

Honestly, not too fussed.
Of course I think it is a bad idea - but it is the next logical step on the path football has been going down for years.
Fans are up in arms about it, but it will make no difference to the vast majority of them, who had been priced out of football a long, long time ago. And let's not forget...UEFA isn't a paradigm of virtue either (they'll happily change the format of their competitions if it means more money for them!).

We cry out for more and more football, but in that process we are destroying the very thing we love. As Nietzsche said, 'Football is dead, and we have killed it.'

I started watching Gloucester City 10 years ago precisely because I enjoy watching football at an affordable price without all the 'prawn sandwich' and 'Club Wembley' nonsense. Pretty sure that's when I stopped caring about the Premier League, so without a doubt I'd choose a cold Tuesday night at Meadow Park over the PL/ESL/Champions League!

When all is said and done, it’s the clubs who make the leagues, they employ the players and pay them, the administrators (of which there are many) take without really contributing a great deal. The whole system is rotten, those who pretend FIFA, UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, AFC, OFC, and all the individual FAs that are signed up to these decaying affiliations run by lawyers do a great deal of nothing. Look at the absolute farce they make rolling out law changes & technology. IFAB is still in essence a medieval organisation. Burn it all down and start again.

(19-04-2021, 03:39 PM)RJS Wrote:  I can't help but think this is just one massive bluff by the big clubs to try and get the reforms they want for the Champs League.  
Agree:  in fact by introducing qualification via coefficients based on current and historic performance they'd be virtually guaranteeing a place at the trough for the usual suspects ever more. At a stroke they can claim to be virtuous for graciously climbing down whilst securing their immediate objectives. But in the end a multi national super league will surely emerge by hook or crook.

(19-04-2021, 04:24 PM)Nigeglos Wrote:  sky sports interview on it. I didnt really realise quite what this means. Prem becomes second rate

Worth watching, many many ex players saying that the six should be kicked out of the prem ?Plus more videos on you tube,one with Garry Nevel really slagging Man Unt & the 5 other's off ?


No player is supposedly bigger than the club, so no club bigger than the league.

If the powers that be have any guts they should be kicked out immediately,does anyone really care about playing some foreign team?

It's derbies and local derbies that set the players and fans hearts thumping where both sets of fans can get to easily, not some far away place!

As for leagues not having the power to ban clubs from their own league, Newport County had to play in Gloucestershire because FAW wanted them to play in their league!

There are no strangers here, only friends you have not met yet!

The Premier League will be nothing without those big six, they'll never ban them.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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