Season Tickets 2021/22

I’ll be buying one on 3rd May whatever! We cannot control what goes on in the country.

(27-04-2021, 04:53 PM)OldDirtyGlasses Wrote:  Will there even be a season 2021/22?
The silence from the NL is deafening. N&V for last yr was ratified by the FA Council a few days ago.
What league will we be in? What are the boundaries set out for avoiding N&V again this time around? Is there even a functioning NL board to make such decisions?
We will find out a lot things that are going to happen after the AGM to most of the things above.
What's the point in guessing what may or may not happen? I'm going to bye my time before I get my season ticket,only to see what happens weather thing get to some where normal.
Saying that I will properly be getting my season ticket when the early bird season ticket sales start?

Given how suddenly clubs have been moved between the two leagues in the past you wouldn't rule out a change to the South, but I think that is going to happen if a club goes bust or gets thrown out for some reason. Hopefully by August we will be allowed some sort of crowd, but you do have to wonder if clubs aren't allowed a significant amount will they refuse to start the season?

You would like to think that the powers that be will have already commenced some sort of strategy in order to create clear guidelines rules and procedures . Whilst last season was unprecedented let’s hope lessons have been learnt and everyone can commence the season knowing exactly where they stand in relation to funding ( if applicable) refusing to play etc. I think we all agree that some of the decisions made by the NL and others - or lack of - during last season were to say the least poor.

Just a reminder season tickets go on sale on Monday at or email for a form

Presumably the new official site and will be up and running by Monday?
#17 will be online yes, official site is moving to a new platform so unlikely to be updated for another month or so

(30-04-2021, 06:13 PM)Lee Wrote:  official site is moving to a new platform so unlikely to be updated for another month or so

Is that a technical thing or another woke thing? Wink

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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So does that mean if you requested an e-mail form for a season ticket you will not receive it for a month or more?

No, you'll get it on Monday

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