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As mentioned elsewhere the Supporters Trust has been active in helping the Football Supporters Association put forward evidence to the "Fan-led review" Panel.

The FSA have now designed a short survey which they're keen that a good range of fans take part in.  The link below will  take you to the survey    You don't have to be in the Supporters Trust to participate (though we are always looking for more members!).  Thank you in advance for helping with this. 

Thanks to all who voted: results are in the Non League paper today.

Next survey is on attitudes/concerns about returning to watch football in person: this is particularly topical given the recent news of the Southern League's deal to broadcast all clubs' matches online for 21-22.      You can take the survey here:

Thanks for sharing these Citygull, looking at the overall response, I feel a bit disappointed in the actual numbers who voted. If we average across all NL-NLN-NLS clubs, approximately 16-17 fans per club responded.
Is this itself a sign of disenchantment with the league set-up? Or was the survey not ‘out there’ enough to get more respondents?

I had similar thoughts, I think it's the latter. Only a few (maybe 10) Step 1-2 clubs seem to have been engaged with the FSA on the fan based review so maybe the survey was only sent to that handful of clubs they'd had direct contact with.

New poll below.  It's longer than the previous ones and looks at a lot of issues about football club governance and fans' "rights".  It includes questions such as should fans have a vote/powers of veto over issues such as name, colours or badge changes.  This link takes you to the main Football Supporters Association website (which has a wealth of news and material on issues affecting supporters):   To take the survey scroll down a few lines to the link reading "Fan-led Review survey: Take part now"

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