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Hi Darren

At risk of causing a war ... I don't think it's what you say at all, it's how you can say it. I know whatever I write you will respond, to prove me wrong or make something a negative. For me bring up Easty's past is unfair... we've all got a past and as long as that shapes us for the future we all learn and grow into better people.

We all know you don't rate James and you think I made a mistake appointing him, you've made that comment a number of times. Time will tell, but he's doing very well in his off the field matters and on the field we can all make our own opinions from what we see.

Take today with SS, I was clearly wrong as their Chairman and club both confirmed there ground is all good. That's great news, as I think it's great a club stands up to the FA and the league when they feel they have been mistreated. But rather then send a DM or a polite open message like Dave did about the number of seats, you managed to create a war ... I know you say you found it all funny, but it wasn't to them. They are fighting to go up and investing big time into the club, so it was just a little close to the bone. And like you say, the Wiki source is more then likely out of date. Heck that could have even been the source of it ... but now they know they can adjust it.

What is it my Nan use to say... "if you've nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". I'm sure you're going to come back at me on the attack, but sometimes listening is a bigger skill set then fighting. And like the Gloucester rugby team had on the shirts in there last couple of games... Be Kind.


Easty's past is pretty recent though. I hope he has learnt although amazingly after being banned once he was banned again. Hopefully it isn't 3rd time unlucky for the club and for him.

I made a comment on Twitter about James today which Easty decided to bring on here so he dragged it up again. We shall see how he does whenever football returns, but I think we both know he was close to being sacked.

As for South Shields it turns out Wiki is right about the number of seats as they have 251. Dave told me they need 500, but they say they only need that after being in the league for 3 years. I didn't create anything just asked a question and they responded. It was their fans who turned it into so much more than it needed and that is what I found funny. Some seemed to suggest I couldn't have a go at them when we don't have a ground ourselves which made little sense. They need to accept that they won't be going up this season, but they won't. I'm sure they will do it soon enough.

Not everything is going to be positive Alex. Nothing ever is in football. If you think some of things that I and others have said is bad then you should have seen what people used to write about Eamon. It is important that people question things and try to get to the bottom of things.

It is great that the ground is coming on and like I said elsewhere I believe that we will start the next season at Meadow Park because I think that is many months away. That is the thing we have all wanted since 2007. It will be a great day when it does happen and I have long dreamt about taking my own kid to watch Gloucester in Gloucester. That will be a reality soon. Hopefully we can then kick on and do just as well on the pitch

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