Ladies fixtures

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GCAFC Women Fixtures

Some photos I took at Sundays game

Not quite sure what to make of the standard yet. I've seen big wins and heavy defeats. They've just gone 0-1 down in a friendly in Bristol just before I typed this!

Tiger Roar is always your friendĀ

Comprehensive City press cutting archiveĀ

It's a work in progress. I've seen a comfortable win and a comprehensive defeat. Not surprising though... the friendlies have been against a varied range of opposition from two or more tiers above to our level or just below. The positives are that judging by the results, we should be competitive in our own league, plus we seem to have a core of experience, obvious enthusiasm, decent coaching and amazing facilities. Being a misogynistic old git I never thought I'd care about women's football but when you see the effort and pride they show it's hard not to want to see them succeed and get themselves and the City brand better and better known. Ever forward!

Lets all just keep in mind that Chris Hill (manager) has arranged games bar two with teams 2 or 3 leagues above us. We've won both the games vs teams at our level.

Was this pre-season right or wrong ... who knows ... but we'll know come the end of the season if not Christmas ... We want to go up this season, our goal is that black and white.

We've a lot of people and clubs wanting us to fail. We've even had clubs complain to the league over comments written on here ... so everything we do seems to cause a stir ... Us starting in a higher league to the old side and in the top county league does seem to have upset some ... Ever Forward


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