3, 5 and 9

Do it looks like, providing PG can get the players he wants, we are in the market for a long term Left back, Centre back and Centre forward. 

Not meaning Kane etc, who would you choose that is vaguely realistic?

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

3) Lewis Hall
5) Robbie Cundy
9) Harry White (Think he's in Australia)

All ex-players I know. Could all do a job, I think.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

3. Vinny Harper
5. Imo no need as young Piggott has arrived
9 Lee Novak

We can all live in hope

Personally surprised that McClure didn't get the number 9 as he is our first choice striker.

3. Vincent Harper for me, and I suspect quite a few fans, 2nd choice would probably be James Bowen
5. Honestly not sure if we need one. Got a few players who can play here making up the numbers
9. Shawn McCoulsky, ex FGR maybe?

Imo we need a LB, a 2nd striker and a winger, plus a few players to bulk out the squad.

Presumably still a chance that some of the triallists will fill those spots but have yet to sign terms? Is Noah definitely a no now?

[quote="RJS" pid="14658" dateline="1628163487"]
Presumably still a chance that some of the triallists will fill those spots but have yet to sign terms?  Is Noah definitely a no now?

As AP said see who plays Saturday (if any of the pre season trialist are left) I guess that's the answer....

If we can't fill the gaps from our current triallists then loans are probably a more sensible (and cheaper) option: fitness will likely be an issue with any free agents.

9 - see if we can get Louis Britton or Prince Henry on loan from Bristol City, different playing styles but both goal scorers.
5 - with Tom, Josh, Jordan and Daniel we have cover, bulked out with the U23’s, but some experience would be nice. I still think Paul could do a job if needed but 15/16 yrs of not playing - his 55yr old legs would not last the distance.
3 - Noah looked good in pre-season, Vincent would be out of this world.

Messi’s available

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