Another daft question about etickets; is it possible to have two on the same phone? Will I need one on my phone or is my season ticket card proof of entry?

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Memories of Matt's save, Jimmy's goal and cheering our players when they came back into the club house after the game. What an evening that was.

(12-08-2021, 07:20 PM)Neil Wrote:  Another daft question about etickets; is it possible to have two on the same phone? Will I need one on my phone or is my season ticket card proof of entry?
I imagine if you bought 2 x e-tickets then you would receive an email receipt with 2 x pdf attachments, each with a QR or barcode on it which would be your ticket. Save the attachments to your files or screenshot & save to photos.

Safe journey to all those going to the game today and good luck to the team, bring home those three points.

Safe travels everyone, bring those 3 points back home!

Just a guess at the starting 11.

Not sure if O’Sullivan is fit hence not selected.

Wish I could be with you - good luck City, safe travels all, make some noise

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Hi Neil,

Each clubs system will work slightly differently ... our use to be unlimited e-tickets on one purchase ... but the issue is/ was ... say you put 20 tickets in your basket ... the system keeps them allocated for 20mins, even if you don't check out. Just putting them in your basket takes them off sale for others. We had a York fan, by mistakes, put 900 in his basket, then opening up a new webpage to make the correct purchase of 9. This then made all the York away end 'Sold Out' ... and got everyone excited ... when we looked hearing the rumours ... 20mins had passed the the 900 had reset ... so it only showed something like 59 sold our end ... and without tracking back thought the history ... we couldn't understand how and what had happened. Which was a simple and honest mistake ... if you can even call it a mistake ... as it was just life I guess.

So our system has been altered ... it now only allows one person to buy 12 tickets (I think) at any one time. So if you're bring 23 mates ... you'd need to do this in two transactions ... but all 23 mates tickets and yours, so 24 in total ... would all be sent to the same email address of your choses. From there you can keep them all on one place to be scanned i..e your phone emails, or print them off and hand them out to others to be scanned ... or email them to others to be scanned on their phones or whatever at the gate. Or even get it tattooed on you if you wish Smile

In other news ...

We still don't have international clearance from the Welsh FA for Kieran Evans to play today for us ... the clearance for Daniel Leadbitter took 6 weeks ... So unless a rabbit is pulled out of the hat on the coach ... he won't be on the team sheet today, but he has travelled up just in case ... he might not even feature for the York game ... it's completely out of our hands and even the leagues and FA's ... it's all down to the Welsh FA to approve the international clearance request their end.


Daft question but when people need international clearance, what are they actually checking for?

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Well bang goes my team prediction if Evans can’t play.

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