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i never got a supporters trust membership card last year - will i get one for the supporters club?

I need to put my hands up for the timing … but … I did wait a couple of weeks … which for me doing nothing is a lifetime!

It was brought up in the last AGM, so those comments to the trust are unfair …

Off the back of my notes … I’ve had two from the women’s team ask to get involved, one would even like to go on to the board, and the same with the 21’s and younger age groups. This for me shows that if we get the model / vehicle right, it will be supported!! I even bet you now that within one week of the official launch … we’ll have more members then the 60 or so within the current system.

But … I’ll also say this … if we all fee the current trust and grow, develop and become what we need it to be and become relevant for today and beyond, let’s not change it … but with the legalities around a trust … the main club cant then provide the 10% discounts and benefits we’re looking to provide.

Sorry if I caused drama … I didn’t mean too. I was just trying the Expedia things … so we can grow and develop as a club.

Much love


I do sort of think that there should be something independent to the club and that surely the current trust could grow to include the whole club.

Will it be affiliated to the FSA?

Will what be … the supports club won’t be … as it’s a club.

The trust currently isn’t to my knowledge.

Trusts like Chester, Darlington, Chesterfield, Hereford have for example … and Leeds did have … are because they are fans owned. In 2001 when the current trust was formed … I guessing it was because it knew the club was in massive trouble with money … which is was … then came 2007 ….

What the trust does is not my concern or action. I just need to make sure the WHOLE club is together.

… for me this is simple. The current trust has circa 60 member … the income is from the much loved and needed 60 members and things like the shop. Yet take the shop, the clubs funds the out goings and costs, for example rates, stock, power, the tills even, as we don’t want fans paying for at of the end of the day bills … so even the income produced isn’t true.


(24-08-2021, 10:35 PM)Darran Wrote:  I do sort of think that there should be something independent to the club and that surely the current trust could grow to include the whole club.
On paper I agree but the reality is the enthusiasm for supporters trusts tend to be inversely linked to how the club itself is doing. Ownership needs holding to account, clubs needs saving from extinction, you'll generally seen increased interest in a trust. When things are almost exclusively positive as they are right now then it's hard to maintain the interest in and the impetus of a trust. Yes we might lose independence, but if it encompasses the whole club and gives something back to the fans (discounts etc) them I think we need to trust the club on that. Ultimately if it doesn't work and there is enough feeling in the fan base then presumably you could always start another trust anyway?

Agree RJS … just don’t close the trust … make it dormant … we fans and the club, might be desperate for it in the future.


As Dave mentioned the Trust board is meeting this week to discuss. An important point about the Trust is that it is a legal entity ("Gloucester City Supporters Limited") in its own right and independent from the Club. The Trust cannot be dissolved without a majority agreement of its members. Any member wanting to pass on their views to feed into our board meeting is invited to email me as Trust Secretary on

A supporters club can be a member of the FSA.

As far as I’m aware the Trust is an affiliate member of the FSA.

What’s the benefit …


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