New Supporters Club

The trust of which I was chair for a couple of seasons is no more and a supporters club has been set up in its place. 

From someone who was so closely associated with the trust it is quite a sad moment, but the newly formed club will hopefully have a renewed vigour to raise money for the club and run events for supporters.

It is a very sad moment. Just a couple of weeks ago at the AGM the Trust said they'd be putting this out to consultation amongst members before making any changes.

Wonder what changed. Kind of need to hear something from the Trust about this though...

Nothing is finalised yet if you read the notes, but I personally think it would be for the best.

The ST board is meeting on Thursday to discuss it.

Personally I’m all for being involved in a Supporters Club to organise events and raise funds, rather than a ST which i feel isn’t overly relevant to us unless any of the 60 odd members have a few million knocking about to buy the Club and ground.

I think the best course of action is to leave the ST as an entity, and if people want to step forward, form a board and run with it, all well and good.

Don’t yet know how the other board members feel, but all will become clearer after Wednesday.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

The trust has done fantastic work for a long time, really keeping things going during the most difficult period in the clubs history and that shouldn’t be forgotten and should be celebrated and commemorated. Like Lee, and I’m sure like everyone else who has ever been involved, I was proud to have been Chairman. However, things change. The club has changed, for the better. The needs of the club have changed and the way that the supporters can best help the club flourish has changed. If the trust wants to carry on after this then what will it become? A few people meeting up once a month to count up some pennies, representing a couple of dozen non active members, for what purpose. Tradition?
Everything we wanted the club to become, we got. Now go and win this tinpot league.

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Spot om Matt. I always thought that the Trust had run it's course.

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hopefully it will be a success if its promoted well and not just left to bumble along with no active pushing for recruiting new fans and members.

As Dave said, we are meeting Thursday night and things will be a lot clearer at this point and this will be shared with Trust members.

I’ve had a good conversation with Alex earlier about the proposed set up of the new Supporters Club and how it will bring all teams from the club under one umbrella.

As someone who sat on the Supporters Club/Trust board for 5+ years I would agree it's probably run its course in its current guise. It seems to have been less and less active and less and less relevant in recent years.

I would suggest that potentially the announcement should have come from the Trust though. Or a joint statement at least. The relatively few members that remain probably deserve that.

Not the end of the world though. The lines between the club and Trust have been becoming less visible for a while. Not much need for independent Trust right now. You never know in future though...

Having been to the first ever meeting at its inception I am sorry to see this but as previously stated the Clubs moved on, I will certainly join the new Supporters Club.

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