First Impressions

Speaking to LM and DW yesterday and one thing they mentioned was the goal nets. They do a job, but don’t look nearly as good as the proper box nexts do they?

They came as a spare set and went up just before the first game as the original ones purchased were knackered. 

Got a quote for some proper box ones in red, and they’re about £300. 

Obviously it’s another unscheduled and not totally necessary expense, so does anyone fancy setting up a GoFundMe to contribute to their purchase. Would look good and i’d be happy to chip in.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Any money left in the supporter's trust

I have thought before the goal nets look like they are about to collapse. I'd chip in with some money. BACK OF THE NET!!!

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

The wind kept catching the webbing at the Women's game of Saturday and it sounded like a phone was ringing. The Puckelchurch keeper looked round a few times trying to work out where the phone was on a totally empty T End

(28-09-2021, 04:47 PM)DJM Wrote:  Any money left in the supporter's trust

Loath to touch it as Trev is off on a cruise soon. Smile

Joking apart, there is money i’m sure, but as it’s not really necessary as such (they’re not going to collapse) but more of an aesthetic thing, i thought it was fairer to let people contribute only if they wished to.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

I'll be controversial, the current ones look ridiculous, the right nets should be a necessary purchase and I think it's tinpot to go cap in hand to fans

Can we use this weekends Fa cup money?

Just seen this …

The club didn’t make this request, nor did the club go “cap in hand” to the fans … we buy three sets of nets a season as ours get battered due to all the daily use. Box nets get damaged a look quicker then frame nets, as they are tighter and don’t give …

You can be as controversial as you like … we have nets and goals, both league approved that you kick balls into. So we do have the “right nets” … yes. Just ones you don’t like. But that doesn’t make them wrong, just means you don’t like them.

Thanks for thinking of the club Dave while you’re sat in hospital … you’re a top man Smile


Appreciate your response Alex, but look at them in the photos, they look daft.

We’ll try harder … but in truth bud … we do have bigger issues to worry about Smile


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