Leon Chambers-Parillion

Havant beat Torquay in the FA cup replay yesterday and are through to the 1st round. 
It can't be great for player development to be in a side bottome when he could play for Havant who are more than useful, also less travelling I would imagine being from Oxford. 
I would think some player movement highly likely before we are back in action.

He was at Havant before he came to us so a bit of continuity for his career, straight into their FA Cup squad for the Charlton match.
In 6 possible matches he was directly involved in 5, with 3 starts, subbed on twice, subbed off twice, scored once and hit the post / bar 17 times…
Good player, thanks Leon.

(03-11-2021, 02:20 PM)Severnside Wrote:  …also less travelling I would imagine being from Oxford. 
Not sure where in Oxon he would live but more travelling to Havant, a good hour and 40-50 miles more on a round trip I imagine.

Can't be much fun being loaned out to city at present,wont do their career prospects much good being beaten every week.

Surely their parent clubs would see it as a good thing if they could have a positive impact on the team. That's what gaining experience is all about.

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