GCAFC vs Farsley Celtic - 13th Nov 2021

(12-11-2021, 10:07 AM)RJS Wrote:  Looking at those available I wonder if an old fashioned 4-4-2 might be on the cards tomorrow:

Leadbitter Harrison Thompson Galvin
Tomlinson Sheaf Tommy O Young
DNW McClure (assuming fit)
That's how I would go aswell with Mensah and Young on the bench, but LM seems to like the lad from Rovers so may start in front of one of the top two,I would start DJW just to change the dynamic and he will be well up for it being practically his debut  and at home, think him and MM could make a good partnership from there styles of play and if they play close to each other when we're attacking.

As has been said on various other threads we need to win and defend from the front hence my suggested 4-3-3 as imo for most of the season we have leaked goals and packing the midfield and hoping to hold out just hasn’t worked. An old football adage I know but if they score 1 we need to score 2 and I don’t care if its 5-4 as long as its in our favour.

Team news:


“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

This is our chance to turn the stats against FC positive. At present they’re completely neutral.


If you want some good news the only two league games that we have had a higher xG than our opponents all season have been our last two home games (yes even York had a higher one when we beat them 4-0) so that would suggest a home win is coming. Farsley have played a different formation in their last 4 games, but I suspect it will be near enough 3-5-2.

Hope it's a good attendance, just get 3 points please.

Sadly not going to be able to make it today but feeling positive about the result. Come on City!

The CUBs (City Ugly Buggers Stand) (A club within a clubs club club)

Today feels like it is a Now or Never moment. The defence looks different now from the one that started the season. Certainly we have a lot more experience in that area which is good. Just need time to form a relationship. I know people have said it quite a bit, on paper we have a good squad of players. Lee Mansell seems to have got them more organized, look more like a team than a group of individuals.
 Hope that we can get a good result today to set ourselves on a bit of a run.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

Let's do our best to make some atmosphere today!

(13-11-2021, 09:35 AM)Kitto Wrote:  Let's do our best to make some atmosphere today!
That would be great if you could as bringing a couple of potential new supporters along today.

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