Memorable cup ties

Good, bad or indifferent / crazy / bizarre. What are your memories as fans of Gloucester City FC?

Smashing Merthyr Tydfil for 7 in Johnny Murphy’s first season in charge. Following season smashing Bristol Manor Farm for 8.
Pretty sure we put 10 past Sudbury a couple of years after that too.

League Form:

(04-12-2021, 11:29 PM)Caerloyw Wrote:  Good, bad or indifferent / crazy / bizarre. What are your memories as fans of Gloucester City FC?
The Cardiff FA Cup game. Being born in Gloucester, but my Dad from Cardiff, I was a Cardiff fan from the age of 7. I used to go to watch Gloucester at Horton Road in the mid 70's before I started work,and could afford to go and watch CCFC. 

I was living in Cardiff at the time of the game, and even went to the 1st round game at Meadow Park v Dorchester. Couldn't believe it when Gloucester drew Cardiff in the 2nd round.

I was with the Gloucester fans, with mates, and must admit was gutted to throw the lead away. 1500 Gloucester fans. Brilliant day out.....if only.

P.S. I was at the 3rd round games watching Cardiff v QPR....again if only (Gloucester had been there).

The Dagenham FA Trophy tie at Meadow Park. 4000 attendance, Adie Mings goal crashing in off the crossbar.
 Luton Town away on a Friday night in the FA Trophy. Arrive in Luton to be met by groups of Police. The following day was a protest march? Nice to go to Luton's ground, seeing it under floodlights. Played well against our then National League opponents.
 The FA Cup tie at Whaddon Road vs Leyton Orient. Competed well against the League One side. Played on a Wednesday night, had an early morning next day departure to Heathrow airport, for a flight to New York.
 FA Cup tie at Street. Got to ground late as was caught in traffic on the M5. Lost 3 - 2, was talking to then manager Chris Burns and Keith Knight after the match. They were apologising for the result.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

Southport away in the Trophy in 2003 will always be my personal highlight. A match we weren’t expected to win, we absolutely battered them

FA Cup - has to be away at Cardiff - travelled on the team coach - picked Chris Townsend up at a motorway junction just outside Cardiff. Brian Godfrey's decision to subtitute Martin Lander with Ricky Chandler, probably cost us the win. At least that was Martin's opinion - I sat with him on the coach on the way back.

FA Trophy - there are three:-

Away at Woking - Tom Webb's first goal in a first team shirt, Adie Hariss's second goal that seemed to go in the net in slow motion and hugging Trev King when it went in.

Away at Southport - horrendously long evening, but totally worth it. Very happy supporters' coach on the way home.

Semi-final Second leg at MP against Dagenham & Redbridge - three minutes from Wembley in ordinary time - gutted when they equalised (only later did I realise that the officials had missed the foul throw that led to their equaliser). Then I was incensed. Elated when Adie Mings equalised for us in extra time. Couldn't go to the replay as I was working. Glad that they got beaten in the final as they went there to kick the other team off the field.

My first season supporting City we got to the second round proper of the FA Cup. As I stood on the T-End, losing 0-1 in injury time and acceptance had sunk in that we weren't going to play QPR I thought, "I could get used to this".

23 years later.


Those are my memories.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Southern League cup final at  Horton Road, was sat on the long benches in front of the stand ?Stuart Pearce  took a free kick about a yard in from the touch line ?as soon as he hit the ball ,it didn't go more  then 3 inches above the pitch and in to the net faster then an Exocet going after an  Iraqi Leader?
I know we lost but don't remember the score just that full back that went on to play for England   on quite a few occasions and score area for his country as we'll.

The best memory is the Dagenham game - just seeing Meadow Park full that day and the atmosphere was incredible. I remember feeling like we won every game I used to attend as a child and I just expected us to win the replay and go to Wembley, just like when we lost to Salisbury I walked out of the ground thinking we'd just get promoted the year after. The innocence of youth!

Most Cup memories are quite painful when it comes to cup competitions! The worst for me were Chalfont, being 4-0 down after an hour to a pub team was so embarrassing. The Shortwood one hurt because I remember us doing coaches up to FGR and there was quite a bit of local attention on the game. Also there were plenty of FGR fans there cheering on Shortwood. Lowestoft was just brutal as we were trying to break that 1st Round hoodoo and being sat there after the game on the mini-bus being 5 hours from home after defeat.

I don't know about anyone else but for me it got to the point I rued our cup record so much that I actually support the big dogs in cup ties now, LOL. If we can't have any fun, I don't want anyone else having any!

Some excellent ties mentioned already. I'm inclined to agree with Matty that Southport away might be my personal favourite that I attended.

2 good ones that haven't been mentioned that are 2 of my favourites:
City 4 - 3 Chippenham : great comeback vs a team from the league above.
City 1 - 0 Chippenham : fantastic team goal to finally get us into the FA Cup first round after a 20 odd year wait.

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