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Full Version: What are you watching?
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What TV shows are you currently watching?

I've just finished The Sopranos for the third time and got to the end of Better Call Saul (Spice Curls)

Also enjoying The F1rst Team on BBC2 and Money Heist on Netflix.
Watching MOTD where Lineker, Shearer and Wright pick the Top 10 Best Players/Moments of the Premier League Era. Also got into the programme 'Four in a Bed', people reviewing each others B&B's. Can get a bit heated on the Review Meeting at the end, if someone's place is given a low review and they get underpaid. (Miss listening to Radio Cheltenhamshire/Forest Greenshire).
The wife and I are working our way through How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix - we're halfway through season 3 of 6 and are still quite engrossed in it.

I finished Ozark a couple of months ago - that was awesome.
I've not seen any of them but MOTD! Smile
If anyone is stuck for something to watch there is a gem on iplayer called What we do in the Shadows. The film and the series which followed it are both excellent.
Bless you.
Been watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix - good adaptation of the books.
(15-06-2020, 10:47 AM)drbob Wrote: [ -> ]Been watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix - good adaptation of the books.
Not enough plowing in my opinion
(23-07-2020, 07:08 AM)RaidenAmin Wrote: [ -> ]with 2 little kids )) i am just watching disney channel

Lucky you? In our house all I get is soap's and quizzes? Lucky if I get hold of the remote?
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