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Full Version: Golden Valley Airport
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Quote:Emergency services are at the scene on the A40 Golden Valley close to the village of Churchdown, near C********m.

Churchdown near where?

Churchdown in Gloucester.

Fucking hacks.
Gloucester to Churchdown :-  (4.7 miles).
 C********m to Churchdown :- (5.9 miles).

Gloucester IS A CITY. History, Docks, the Quays. It is not a small village, that no one has heard of before. Sad to see Gloucester being overlooked like that. 
 Not relevant to this. Audi used to have a Dealership by the Longford Roundabout. ALLEGEDLY, they moved to C********m, because people didn't want AUDI, Gloucester, on the number plates. How Sad / Mad is that.
It is a C********m paper Gloucester needs their own
I'm depends which end of the Golden Valley it came down. If it was the stretch between Churchdown and Ch#lt£nh+m that would make sense. Possibly a journalist made a mistake.
As they say Q." How can you recognize a well balanced Scotsman" A. " He's got a chip on both shoulders". I wouldn't get too bitter and twisted about it. We're bigger than that & them. Far better we turn our attention on Hereford. Now that is a sh#thole.
it went under the Parton Road bridge.
B#st#rds! That's on our side!
Churchdown is its own place.

Will be militarily busy when we go to war with each other.
Churchdown, Gloucester.
(08-09-2023, 10:59 PM)Neil Wrote: [ -> ]Churchdown, Gloucester.
Postcode GL3, not GL5... 'Nuff said!