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Full Version: Tuffley Rovers
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Home to Worcester City in a league game tomorrow night.

Seems weird to say that!

Anyone going?
I’m meeting Worcester Jack there if I finish work in time.
That would be a great Game to attend, should be a Big crowd, Up the Rovers!
I think Worcester are pissing it, they beat Wantage 8-0 on Saturday.
Not really, they are 5 points behind Corsham but have 2 games in hand. WC are spending a lot on their players this year witH Calvin Disley at the back for them. as they are doing well their crowds are up this year
They made the right decision to swap leagues methinks, they struggled in the Midland League last year. They also now have someone on board putting money in, so are moving away from the fan owned model that was coming up short in terms of the necessary wonga
Good game tonight, 2-4 in the end and Worcester were the better team, but Henry Birkett's goal was superb.