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Full Version: Harry Williams
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Has left and signed for Salisbury
The minute they brought Kai Churchley, a 17yo loanee on ahead of him whilst chasing a goal on Tuesday, it was obvious his days were numbered.

A real shame it didn’t work out.

Good luck Harry.
Hopefully there’s a replacement lined up, or MC will bring in someone worthwhile in another attacking position.
Not up to this level sadly so good to get some money off the wage bill.
It seems clear to me from the AP interview that MC will be supported in an attempt to improve the clubs position.
AP and EM want to sell the club in the strongest position and its not in the SLP division.
Let's see who can be bought in to improve its league position.
Reckon they'd take Danny Wright too?
(16-11-2023, 09:57 PM)Wilesy Wrote: [ -> ]Reckon they'd take Danny Wright too?
From his interviews, it sounds like MC rates Wright.
Best of luck to him.
Another shame. Looked like a good signing but it hasn't worked out. Nothing has worked out this season.

Harry will do well for Salisbury. Proven at that level. He's not a relegation battle player. Too soft physically and mentally. He'll be a real asset for their promotion campaign. Will probably bag 20 goals, swapping leagues with us in the process.
Wonder why we’ve not announced this yet?

Very sad news. I don’t feel we were ever able to get the best out him but the goals for column needs to change.
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